Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm sorry
It has been me
I shut you out
I have no idea
What placed you
Behind the wall
I changed the locks
To the gate
Of my secret Garden
And did not give you the key
I have been cold
Hearing others speak
I realize I have done the same
Watching others hurt
I realize I made you hurt
I'm sorry
You were not
Ready for me
Were you?
I wish I could
Take it all back
I wish I could
Swallow all of this doubt
I wish I could
Know what you feel
But the frost has set in
And the budding interest
Is now damaged
On the bloom
I wish the words
Had not been halted
Before they left the lips
I wish the girl
Did not forget
The dangers
Of exposing her heart
While vultures circle
Of protecting new
In it's youth
You thought
You were
My wonderful distraction
But you aren't
You are more to me
But you don't see it
You don't believe it
I have the sinking feeling
you do not want it
is it all self doubt?
I am contemplating
if it's time to let you go

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