Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What was it?

What was it about the look
That turned the head
And beat the heart?

What was it about the voice
That took the words
And made the lips fail?

What was it about the walk
That drew the eyes
And halted thought?

What was it about the dance
That set thoughts adrift
And liquefied the soul?

All these questions
Swirling about
In my muddled mind
Leaving only wishes
That manifest in dreams
And carried along the night.

Weaving their way
In and out of my hours

What was it about me
That turned his head
And made him look my way?

I am merely a flower along life's highway
That travels along the winds of change
And pollenates the stream of consciousness.

Life is so busy

It seems to envelope humanity
And I am in the background
Warming in the sun
And blowing with the wind....

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