Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flawed design

The design is flawed
She said to the Maker
Yet She stood in awe
Wishing he would take her

He doesnt want me
She said to the mirror
But yet she still tried to see
A way to him be nearer

Look at what I haven't done
She said to herself
The reflection showing none
of the shame she felt

I have to work harder
she cries outloud
My life I cannot barter
No exceptions allowed

I am scared
The damage has been done
Caught aware
Like naming the bullet inside the gun

she silently screams at the shine
Nothing is ever good for you
I fight you all the time

She looks away
the mirror shattered
Among the fray
The cuts, blood splatter

So much self loathing
Not from a Man
The frustration still growing
As she alters the plan

The Design is Flawed
she says to the Maker
She stands in awe
Wishing him not to forsake her

I battle so hard every day
Carry me please, I beg this
I try my hardest and it all goes away
Walk with me please this is my wish

I can no longer stand to hate the girl I see
Trapped in my past, doubts abound
Please let me know self love so that I can be free
Let me love me when no one is around

The Design is Flawed
she says to her Maker
Standing in awe
Hoping that one day His reflection will save her

But she is looking through jaded eyes
looking for perfection
Where it already lies
In the Makers eyes,
rather than her reflection

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