Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two Stars The Mountains and The Moon

..and in this life
I know the ways
Basing the home
Counting my days
But in my mind
When the pillow meets my head
The thought of you lingers
On my memories I am fed
Chasing my dreams
Wishing to hear from you soon
Far from my grasp
Two stars, Mountains and the moon

Your voice, the whispers
Conversations in passing
Gripping moments in time
The tiny pieces amassing
My heart yearns for a time
When Fate is in tune
Even if for a mere snippet
I wish for two stars, the mountains and the moon

Wary in my worry
Wondering if you feel the same
Waffling back and forth
Hating Life's game
Lush in paradise or lost in the dunes
Nothing ever stops the desire
For two stars, the mountains and the moon

Finding my muse was elating
A missing piece
I am more complete
And my wonders seems not to cease
Oh the beauty, and the bitter pill
Yet unburdened in this boon
At times my heart light, and others heavy
Yearning for two stars, the mountains and the moon

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