Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hands of Time

These hands…
Once reached out
To grasp

My father’s own,
In my very first days

And later

Reached down

To my own

Little ones’

As they sought me.
These hands,

Once nimble

And quick enough

To thread a needle,

Have glided

Across miles

Of fabric and lace,

Have sewn finery

For all  my little ones,

And their little ones,

And even those

Little ones, still.
These hands,

Whose fingertips

Have brushed away bangs,

Wiped away

Tears and smudges,

Caressed cheeks,

Plucked out thorns,


Bee stings,
These hands

Held my babies,

Soothed their aches

When they stumbled,

Socked their feet

When they were cold,

Rubbed their backs

When they were tired,

Felt their foreheads

When they were ill.

Time is cruel

To these lovely tools ,

They have become

Somewhat mangled,
I cannot

Easily hold

Needle and thread,

Caress a cheek,

Smooth a wrinkle,

Mend a tear.
The skin colored

With spots of dark

And light,

From  many hours

I’ve spent

Holding hands

In the sun,

Pushing swings,

Rescuing from trees,

Hanging linens

On the line,

Holding fishing poles,

Picking flowers.
Once supple,

Now like parchment,

Cross hatched

Like fine watercolors,


Over spindly twigs,


Blue lines criss-cross

Over them,

As though


Railway stations.
The feeling

Gone from  tips,

Nails yellowed

Like the pages

Of many  books

Once read aloud,

Over and over.
Time is so unkind…

To these wonderful hands of mine.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Within the poet
Lies the tortured soul
Lurking in the shadows

Within the woman
Lies the Angry child
Never spoken for

Within the heart
Lie the scars inflicted
Tears silent but falling

Within me
Lie the words
Longing to be spoken

Behind the tolerance
Lies the anger
Resentment pushed down

Heartbroken I waver
Between Forgiveness
And unspoken indignities

Monday, September 14, 2009


I pick up my heart
Where she sits in the shadows
Fallen to pieces
In the wake of your absence

Grasping at words,
Gripping for moments,
Holding on for memories

Pieces of me missing,
Taken hostage by you
They travel to distant lands

And I remain here
Partial, a shadow
Missing my pieces

Missing you

Friday, September 11, 2009

One of the few guarantees

I stand in your last breath

You shouldn't fear me,
I carry over what is left,
Sudden or slow, I will come

I am born in pain
For some seeking solace,
Others seek vengeful gain
In courting my darkness

But in doing so,
Life's lessons lost

I have been called forth by rage,
My signature blaring
I am marked in history's page

Your monstrosities glaring,
Passion is the horror in me
As I am called forth by emotion

I am beckoned too soon,
Sadly I must appease your notion
Releasing you
From the pain and doom

I am a gift
You scoff,
But open your eyes

I am your gift
Created after sins and lies
I am the patch on the rift,
Your bridge to Eternity's source
I release you from your mortal chains
I see the living sorrow

You mourn the cataclysmic change
And you fear me in the morrow
Because I am your only guarantee

But do not ask me to come premature,
You are here for a lesson to learn

You may seek me as your cure
But it is LIFE you should yearn

Seek your full promise
I will be here when the time comes
Bringing you passage
Into your unknown

Your life's deeds and sums
Will reap afterlife's seeds you have sown
And I will be your ferryman

I am one of your only guarantees.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Eve's Temptation

Untainted flesh
Shiny and taut
Smooth to the touch
Lips curve
Over tender skin
To bite
Upon taste, a smile
Juice flows
Around the mouth
Down the curves of the face
When the teeth sink
Into sensual delight
Breath quickens in surprise
Over flavor, the sweetness
As it bursts onto the tongue
A hand wipes away
The remnants
Eyes are sated
Consumption completed
A serpents tale
Is now a woman's truth.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Flesh on fire
Pleasure from pain
Rising desire
No longer sane

Taking me higher
Lust burns my veins

Vain in Existence
Precarious liar
Feigning Resistance
Destiny Dire
Cost and Persistance

Will you be my buyer?

Purchase Won
I am your Captive

Captivating Tongue
Breathing is rapid
Shallow the sun
Blindingly vapid

Whispering heat
Drawing me in
Which will I greet?
Savior or Sin?

Heart skips a beat
Drawn deeper in

Soul ripping flames
Bruising my skin
Body Untamed
Thrust deeper Within
Gripping of mane
Quaking of men

Fierce is the battle
Raging Between
Flesh is the Saddle
Rode by the Queen

Tempestuous Straddle
The hard lined, and lean

Hunger grows
Weakness found

Beasts know
Fertile ground

A lover's woe
If uttered sound

Temptation strong
Flesh be weak
Heaven's song
In heat we seek

The Maker's throngs
Flesh sought makes weak

Knowledge of Wrong
Before it begins
Soul sings a song,

Angels and Daemons within

Immortality in a moment - sweat, lust and sin

Animal strides
The breeding of kin
Nowhere to hide

Run, you'll not win

Raging the tides
Mingled we blend
No doubt inside
Our devil will win

With the Nephilim.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Saying the things in my heart
Has always been a precarious thing
Like jumping from a burning building
I know from my lips the words must part
But on deaf ears sometimes they ring

Jokes meant to bring laughter
Delivered ineptly by the foolish Comic
The silence is deafening to the jester
And the words fall on the floor leaving her sick

Truths are given freely
But sometimes hard to hear
Spoken happily
Suddenly shes queasy
And she wishes for a takeback in her fear

Sometimes I say all the right things
Often times, its to the wrong person
Or the right person at the wrong time
Like a bird my heart sings
When the door was never meant to be opened
And I am left kicking myself through rhyme

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Nobody loves the sad clown
People come to be entertained
See the freak in the box
Choice has drifted
To the circus of the soul
And I have died within the caske
I weep at a loss
Pain drives me lower
Into the quicksand
I have made you my life
And lost what I was in it
I am angry
Because I am limbo
A living soul
Dying and hollow
Now Shallow
A facade to a home
That is gutted within
In my devotion
I died to you
I die for you
And the limbo returns
I put on the whiteface
I paint up pretty for the show
And I clown for the world
But inside
I die

Friday, November 03, 2006


Like a smudge on a page
I will erase you
I must
Or you will burn me
Like a forgotten memory
I will erase you
I must
Or you will consume me
Like a grudge I must let go
I will release you
I must
You interrupt the flow of my pen
You create a halt in the rhyme
I will release you
And the slate will be wiped clean

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flawed design

The design is flawed
She said to the Maker
Yet She stood in awe
Wishing he would take her

He doesnt want me
She said to the mirror
But yet she still tried to see
A way to him be nearer

Look at what I haven't done
She said to herself
The reflection showing none
of the shame she felt

I have to work harder
she cries outloud
My life I cannot barter
No exceptions allowed

I am scared
The damage has been done
Caught aware
Like naming the bullet inside the gun

she silently screams at the shine
Nothing is ever good for you
I fight you all the time

She looks away
the mirror shattered
Among the fray
The cuts, blood splatter

So much self loathing
Not from a Man
The frustration still growing
As she alters the plan

The Design is Flawed
she says to the Maker
She stands in awe
Wishing him not to forsake her

I battle so hard every day
Carry me please, I beg this
I try my hardest and it all goes away
Walk with me please this is my wish

I can no longer stand to hate the girl I see
Trapped in my past, doubts abound
Please let me know self love so that I can be free
Let me love me when no one is around

The Design is Flawed
she says to her Maker
Standing in awe
Hoping that one day His reflection will save her

But she is looking through jaded eyes
looking for perfection
Where it already lies
In the Makers eyes,
rather than her reflection

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I dont miss you anymore
When you go away
I just do my thing
And live my days

But she does

I miss you for her
When she cries
I get angry with you
For not being there for me

And her...

Writer's Block

The frustration and pain of bloodied hands
Beating against my brick walls
And the Acrid Acidity of it all burns my mind
As I am lost in my meanderings
But blocked from my muse
Because I hold myself back
The future looks bleak
The pungent odor of indecision
Permeates the air I won't breathe
I am almost witnessing the death of my muse
Hearing the gasping breath of my determination
My talents have been squandered
The opening act for flashy marquis of sex and trivial pursuits
Mindless monotony has replaced inspiration
And I keep losing track of the words that once flowed like a fountain
A sad waste to find the beast caged, power leashed
Raised by gypsies,
Reformed by Stepford
Vivid colors fade to Sepia
And in the Mirror you gloat
You assume you have won
But my blood doesnt bleed grey


The scent triggers
The thoughts in the mind
Winding through her soul
Mixture of musk and man
Life and death
Heat and flare
Wild and strong
Complementing the fires
Within her core
Pulling closer
Flashing images
Fill her mind
And she is awakened
No longer asleep
And the animal caged
Comes alive
And consumes them both
Like being eaten
From the inside out
Or as if their bodies
Are being licked
By unseen flames
A fever created in
the moment
An impact of knowledge
In that jungle
Of animalism and carnality

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What was it?

What was it about the look
That turned the head
And beat the heart?

What was it about the voice
That took the words
And made the lips fail?

What was it about the walk
That drew the eyes
And halted thought?

What was it about the dance
That set thoughts adrift
And liquefied the soul?

All these questions
Swirling about
In my muddled mind
Leaving only wishes
That manifest in dreams
And carried along the night.

Weaving their way
In and out of my hours

What was it about me
That turned his head
And made him look my way?

I am merely a flower along life's highway
That travels along the winds of change
And pollenates the stream of consciousness.

Life is so busy

It seems to envelope humanity
And I am in the background
Warming in the sun
And blowing with the wind....

Two Stars The Mountains and The Moon

..and in this life
I know the ways
Basing the home
Counting my days
But in my mind
When the pillow meets my head
The thought of you lingers
On my memories I am fed
Chasing my dreams
Wishing to hear from you soon
Far from my grasp
Two stars, Mountains and the moon

Your voice, the whispers
Conversations in passing
Gripping moments in time
The tiny pieces amassing
My heart yearns for a time
When Fate is in tune
Even if for a mere snippet
I wish for two stars, the mountains and the moon

Wary in my worry
Wondering if you feel the same
Waffling back and forth
Hating Life's game
Lush in paradise or lost in the dunes
Nothing ever stops the desire
For two stars, the mountains and the moon

Finding my muse was elating
A missing piece
I am more complete
And my wonders seems not to cease
Oh the beauty, and the bitter pill
Yet unburdened in this boon
At times my heart light, and others heavy
Yearning for two stars, the mountains and the moon

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