Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Nobody loves the sad clown
People come to be entertained
See the freak in the box
Choice has drifted
To the circus of the soul
And I have died within the caske
I weep at a loss
Pain drives me lower
Into the quicksand
I have made you my life
And lost what I was in it
I am angry
Because I am limbo
A living soul
Dying and hollow
Now Shallow
A facade to a home
That is gutted within
In my devotion
I died to you
I die for you
And the limbo returns
I put on the whiteface
I paint up pretty for the show
And I clown for the world
But inside
I die

1 comment:

LOTNorm said...

Not emo at all. It's great.

pssh, "emo"... I'm sure if you were a bird, you could fly.

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