Thursday, August 23, 2007


Flesh on fire
Pleasure from pain
Rising desire
No longer sane

Taking me higher
Lust burns my veins

Vain in Existence
Precarious liar
Feigning Resistance
Destiny Dire
Cost and Persistance

Will you be my buyer?

Purchase Won
I am your Captive

Captivating Tongue
Breathing is rapid
Shallow the sun
Blindingly vapid

Whispering heat
Drawing me in
Which will I greet?
Savior or Sin?

Heart skips a beat
Drawn deeper in

Soul ripping flames
Bruising my skin
Body Untamed
Thrust deeper Within
Gripping of mane
Quaking of men

Fierce is the battle
Raging Between
Flesh is the Saddle
Rode by the Queen

Tempestuous Straddle
The hard lined, and lean

Hunger grows
Weakness found

Beasts know
Fertile ground

A lover's woe
If uttered sound

Temptation strong
Flesh be weak
Heaven's song
In heat we seek

The Maker's throngs
Flesh sought makes weak

Knowledge of Wrong
Before it begins
Soul sings a song,

Angels and Daemons within

Immortality in a moment - sweat, lust and sin

Animal strides
The breeding of kin
Nowhere to hide

Run, you'll not win

Raging the tides
Mingled we blend
No doubt inside
Our devil will win

With the Nephilim.

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