Friday, September 11, 2009

One of the few guarantees

I stand in your last breath

You shouldn't fear me,
I carry over what is left,
Sudden or slow, I will come

I am born in pain
For some seeking solace,
Others seek vengeful gain
In courting my darkness

But in doing so,
Life's lessons lost

I have been called forth by rage,
My signature blaring
I am marked in history's page

Your monstrosities glaring,
Passion is the horror in me
As I am called forth by emotion

I am beckoned too soon,
Sadly I must appease your notion
Releasing you
From the pain and doom

I am a gift
You scoff,
But open your eyes

I am your gift
Created after sins and lies
I am the patch on the rift,
Your bridge to Eternity's source
I release you from your mortal chains
I see the living sorrow

You mourn the cataclysmic change
And you fear me in the morrow
Because I am your only guarantee

But do not ask me to come premature,
You are here for a lesson to learn

You may seek me as your cure
But it is LIFE you should yearn

Seek your full promise
I will be here when the time comes
Bringing you passage
Into your unknown

Your life's deeds and sums
Will reap afterlife's seeds you have sown
And I will be your ferryman

I am one of your only guarantees.

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